TXI Reclaimed Water Line TXI Reclaimed Water Line
San Marcos, TX
Macias & Associates was contracted to provide the office staff and field operations to perform a route survey for the TXI Reclaimed Water Line project in San Marcos, TX.  The project was approximately 2.5 miles long.  Macias obtained and reviewed pertinent ownership right of way and utility information from utility owners in San Marcos, Hays and Comal County Clerk’s Office.  We obtained ownership information and right of entry onto 5 parcels, placed 8 panel points for the triangulation of the aerial photography, field located right of way evidence, fences, sidewalks, driveways, water, wastewater, storm, electric telephone/utility poles, gas and other surface utilities that does not show up on the photography. Also, field located traffic signs, light poles, power poles, guide wires, electric manholes, telephone manholes, electric or telephone pull boxes, traffic pull boxes, traffic control loops, warning signs for underground utilities and other surface features within the subject mapping area that does not show up on the photography. Underground utilities were shown. Located trees 8” trunk diameter and greater. Easements and legal descriptions were also conducted.