Seaholm Power Plant Redevelopment Project Seaholm Power Plant Redevelopment Project
Austin, TX
Macias & Associates was contracted to perform aerial mapping, easement research, route surveys, SUE, utility surveys and environmental surveys for this site. Macias also performed designation, concrete and asphalt coring at 6 sites. Vacuum and excavated 6 sites and provided pothole information. Testhole excavations included providing labor and equipment for the Level A and the locating and excavation of those 6 holes.  Excavated holes were backfilled with original materials removed during excavation and the original surfaces were restored. We acquired excavation permits and inspection services from the City of Austin while working within the COA ROW and also setup and removed traffic control while working within City of Austin ROW. Macias was also responsible for providing global positioning system horizontal and vertical control for aerial photogrammetry and digital ortho photos, also to include our staff responsibilities to attend environmental seminars for this project and to adhere to special SUE methodology for this environmentally sensitive site. Prepared mapping for entire site.