S IH-35 PMC Infrastructure Improvements S IH-35 PMC Infrastructure Improvements
Austin, TX
Macias & Associates prepared a route survey and 140 easements for the City of Austin S. I.H. 35 PMC Infrastructure Improvements Project. The project had approximately 70,000 feet of proposed water line and approximately 7,000 feet of wastewater line. Macias prepared a route survey showing the route of the proposed alignment, right of way lines, existing improvements and surface utilities. The right of way lines were based on field surveys.  The existing improvements and surface utilities were based on aerial photogrammetry.  Property lines also were field located to determine the limits of the proposed easements.  Provided field crews to locate right of way evidence, back of property boundary corners, fences, sidewalks, driveways, wastewater, storm, electric telephone/utility poles, gas and other underground and surface utilities.  Set approximately 150 panel points/horizontal and vertical control points for the purpose of controlling the aerial photogrammetry.  Prepared a base map showing the above information to include owners name and legal description of adjacent parcels. Set 12 permanent City of Austin Brass Disks Benchmarks in 3 feet of reinforced concrete.