New Bus Terminal Project New Bus Terminal Project
Owner: AISD
Macias & Associates provided a Land Surveying services and Sub Surface Utility Locating for Austin Independent School District’s New Bus Terminal in South East Austin, TX. Macias provided office and field staff to initially provide a Boundary Survey for a 22.40 acre area, out of the larger 60.60 acre area. Macias provided a field crew to locate boundary evidence, right of way evidence, fences and other planimetric features that identify the boundary, provided office personnel to perform the calculation to deter- mine the boundary of the 22.40 acre tract and the adjacent¬† lines of the 60.597 acre tract. Also, prepared a sketch and a legal description of the 22.40 acre tract that is suitable for conveying title.¬† Subsequently, Macias provided Surveying Services for many other areas. Macias provided information pertaining to additional Boundary, Topographic, and Utility Data and a 4 acre and 8 acre tract inside the limits of construction. Macias also performed on the ground topographic, tree, surface utility surveys for several Utility Easement that cross the subject area. Macias also took sufficient elevations to develop a 1.0 foot contour map for all locations, located all significant trees larger than 6”, and pre- pared a map showing all above ground information, to include record floodplain data, record utility information and record boundary information.¬† Also, prepared legal descriptions, drawings, and easement documents for all requested areas.