Huebner Creek @ Prue Road Huebner Creek @ Prue Road
San Antonio, TX
Macias & Associates was contracted to provide professional surveying services in connection with partial topographic, tree and utility survey of an approximately 61 acre tract for the purposed of improving a detention pond for the Huebner Creek at Prue Road Bexar County Project. Obtained and reviewed existing horizontal and vertical control from Bexar County and from previous work performed by others on the subject tract.  Obtained and reviewed existing FEMA horizontal and vertical control. Provided field crews to locate right of way and easement evidence.  Located approximately 6 existing culverts, take elevations and flow lines of the existing storm sewer pipes and headwalls.  Took approximately 100 elevations on the existing ground.  Took elevations at the bottom of the existing pond to determine depth.  Located and detailed approximately 15 sanitary sewer manholes located on the subject area.  Located trees 8” trunk diameter and greater within the area between the new limits and the previous CEC limits per City of San Antonio standards.