Travis Water Treatment Plant City of Austin - Green Water Treatment Plant
Austin, TX
Macias & Associates was contracted to provide SUE services for 17 test holes at the City of Austin’s Green Water Treatment Plant Project.  Macias obtained and reviewed existing underground and surface utility information from utility owners and the City of Austin.  Obtained and reviewed existing surveying information from previous surveying activities. Macias provided the global position system equipment and personnel to locate and verify the existing horizontal and vertical control. Prepared an 8.5” x 11” drawing for each of the 17 test holes showing the horizontal and vertical coordinates with existing utilities. UTILITY SWEEPING/DESIGNATING – Macias provided labor and equipment to designate utilities in the horizontal plane (x, y) prior to coring or excavating.  CONCRETE/ASPHALT CORING – Macias provided labor and equipment to core an approximate 8” hole in concrete/ asphalt surface. TESTHOLE EXCAVATION – Macias  & Associates provided labor and equipment for the excavation of 16 holes no deeper than 10 feet.  Excavated holes were backfilled with select backfill material. Macias also provided permitting acquisition and coordinated traffic control for this project.