Austin to Manor Bike Trail Austin to Manor Bike Trail
Austin/Manor, TX
Macias & Associates prepared a route survey showing for approximately 2.9 miles of area for the proposed Austin to Manor Bike Trail. The project began at the end of the Phase 1 project near the intersection of Lindell Lane with the Capital Metro RR Line.  It traversed along the south right of way of the RR Line to an area just west of Old Bastrop Road and just east of Gilleland Creek near Manor, Texas.  Macias field located relevant item from right of way to right of way, Detailed manholes, took elevations of all inverts in and out of manhole and lid elevations, and detailed all upstream and downstream manholes.  Prepared approximately 8 right of entry letters and communicated directly with adjacent property owners.  Located trees 8” trunk diameter and greater, per City of Austin standards.  Prepared a base map showing the above information to include owners name and legal description of adjacent lots.  Railroad and Roadway right of way lines were also shown. Project was completed on schedule and on budget.